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^Old Navy-CWO Ereneta 08-27-03
^New Navy in Dessert Storm II 03-7-03
^White Hurricane and Political Will 03-6-03
^Battle Group Acting Cdr 02-15-03
^War & Peace 02-05-03
^First Watch 01-01-02
^Daniel Delacruz Altre(1886-1956)Dec2002
^Juan Delacruz-Navy Veteran(DOB 1925)Dec2002
^Filipino Boxers in the US NAVY-Sep2002
^Escape from Negros(Jaboneta)May2002
^Oldest Coast Guard Retiree-April 23,2002
^Filipino Mayor of San Diego-Jul2002
^Flash-The Bombing of America-Sept 11,2001
^First Fil-Am Squadron Commander-Feb,2001
^Filipino onboard the China Plane-Apr 2001
^History of recruitment arrangement with the Republic of the Philippines
^Love Story-for your library-Apr2001
^First Filipino in the US Navy
^Filipino Civil War Veterans
^The Mustangs(new-Jan02)
^Medal of Honor
^5 Guerillas Joined the US Navy in 1944--
^5a. USS Cole Filipino-American/Oct-2000
^5b. Sara Guana-Navy Mom /Feb-2001
^5c. Commander Ulysses O. Zalamea LSD-51 NEW CO/Apr-2001
^FANHS Conference-US Navy-July2000
^FANHS -POEM-by RebeccanBaroma-July2000
^Captain Gregory Bambo Jf-July2000
^Capt Bambo Profile Jf-Feb2001
^Ulpiano Santo, US Champion-July200
^Admiral Mariano
^Adm Mariano Newsclips-Feb2001
^Capt Dick Corpus-May 10 award
^Capt Dick Corpuz, US Navy Return to Subic-
^Capt Dick Corpuz-Profile
^Submarine   New  Nov99
^Sailor Who Hardly Made It to Sea Dec99
^Personal Experience of Filipinos in the Navy
^Humor and Current News about the Filipinos in the Navy
^First Underwater Circumnavigation of the World (USS TRITON)
^My Turn, Around the World
^Silent Service
^Chief Petty Officer (CPO Creed)
^Story of Filipinos joining the US Coast Guard
^US Marine Corps
^US Medical Corps
^Jay J Asis (Dec99)
^Current Navy News
^Filipina Midshipman Dies in Virginia Beach
^Sons and Daughters- Products
^Navy Daughter-Rachel Bundang(new)
^Navy Daughter-Jocelyn Pacleb-Research PhD Ongoing research(new-Dec99)
^Faustino Alindog-1962 Story (under construction)(new-Dec 99)
^Ric Hedman,TN,USN(new-Jul2000)
^LCDR Castillo, Minority Affairs June 2000
^Joe Palicte, Living History(Philippine Post Magazine(new-Dec 99)
^Filipinos in the US Navy-Dean Alegado/Filipinas Magazine
^Looking for (lost & Found)
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