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My daughter is in the US Navy..
--from the Philippine News--May 98-----
Master Chief Ricardo Lim was reenlisted by his daughter, Ensign Tricia Lim on board the San Diego Based guided Missile cruiser USS Valley Forge.
 This was my final re-enlistment and I was very proud to have my pride and joy to the honors. "It's difficult to describe my emotion except that I am very happy." The EMCM with 7 gold stripes on his left arms said.
 This is the first time I've had the honor to reenlist someone and I was a bit nervous since it was my father." Ensign Lim said proudly of her father who was on his final enlistm.
Master Chief Lim will do back to back shipboard command master chief tour as he was being transferred from USS RENTZ (FFG46) to the USS Valley Forge.
 Her daughter is currently assigned aboard the USS Peleleu (LHA 5) as the Third Division Officer in Deck Department.

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