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  • MM2 Rogie M. del Mando, USN(ret)USS IWO JIMA (LPH-2)
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  • United States Naval Academy
  • United States Naval Institute Military Database - Unclassified intelligence database with detailed coverage of over 150 nations.
  • US Navy SEALsBattleship New Jersey - history of the Society and a description of their efforts to bring the Battleship New Jersey home.
  • Blue Angels Fan Club
    1. Defense News
    2. Destroyers Online - Welcome to pages dedicated to the small ships of the fleet - the destroyers, destroyer escorts, and frigates. Provided are lists of ships, information on classes and in some cases sections on particular ships.
    3. Government: Military: Navy - Courtesy of Yahoo
    4.  Martini's Navy Submarine Base - the largest submarine site on the web with well over 600 links and a BBS
    5. Military City
    6. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station
    7. Naval Base Pearl Harbor - with links to Pearl Harbor based ships and submarines.
    8. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station
    9. Naval School of Health Sciences (NSHS)
    10. Oceanographer of the United States Navy - charting Earth's last frontier.
    11. Puget Sound Navy News
    12. Return to Midway - join the search for five aircraft carriers, 17,000 feet below the ocean's surface.
    13. Submarine Pics Home Page
    14. Subnet - Cyberspace Association of U.S. Submariners (CAUSS).
    15. USNA Parent's Club of Greater St. Louis Homepage
    16. U.S. Navy Digital Imagery - Submarines
    17. U.S. Pacific Fleet
    18. USS America (CVA/CV-66)
    19. USS Arizona
    20. USS Augusta (CA-31) - flagship of the Normandy, North African, and Southern France invasions.
    21. USS Charles Ausburne (DD-570)- destroyer from World War II.
    22. USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3)- forward deployed amphibious assault ship.
    23. USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)- 1943-1971 Historical Data. Reunion information page.
    24. USS Carr (FFG52) - welcome aboard the a frigate.
    25. USS Chancellorsville (CG-62)- an AEGIS Cruiser homeported in San Diego maintained on the navy's SALTS server.
    26. USS Charles Ausburne (DD-570)- destroyer from World War II.
    27. USS Constitution- Old Ironsides.
    28. USS Coronado (AGF 11)- learn about the U.S. Third Fleet and the command ship.
    29. USS Cowpens (CG 63) - Aegis cruiser.
    30. USS Dixon (AS 37) - submarine tender.
    31. USS Drexler (DD 741)
    32. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)
    33. USS Forrestal (CV-59) - decommisioned aircraft carrier and a meeting place at which to swap sea stories and let ex-crewmembers to find old shipmates.
    34. USS George Washington (CVN 73)
    35. USS George Washington (SSBN 598) - ballistic missile submarine (Boomer). Photos, sounds, roster, message board, sea stories, history, chat, submarine movie reviews, reactor simulator and more.
    36. USS Gonzalez (DDG 66)
    37. USS Gunnel (SS-253)
    38. USS H.J. Ellison (DD-864) - former crewmembers should check this out.
    39. USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) - America's newest and largest aircraft carrier.
    40. USS Harvest Moon - information about the Civil War Flagship of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron.
    41. USS Hornet (CVS-12)
    42. USS Hugh Purvis (DD-709) - designed to help find lost shipmates.
    43. USS Independence (CV 62)
    44. USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74)
    45. USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) - the officers, chief petty officers and crew of the first super carrier USS KITTY HAWK invite you on this virtual tour.
    46. USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852)
    47. USS Lexington - historic aircraft carrier now berthed in Corpus Christi.
    48. USS Little Rock Association, Inc. - provides the men who served on this naval cruiser an opportunity to renew friendships
    49. USS LST 454
    50. USS McFaul (DDG 74)
    51. USS Midway (CVW/5)
    52. USS Missouri Memorial - information about the memorial to the ship where the Japanese surrender was signed.
    53. USS Mullany (DD-528)
    54. USS Nimitz (CVN 68) - Providing information to families and friends of NIMITZ crewmembers, and the general public.
    55. USS Nitro (AE-2/AE-23) - Namesake of the Nitro class ammunition ships. Wave and Jpg files, reunion information and link to Nitro crewbook
    56. USS North Carolina
    57. USS O'Hare (DD/DDR889) - a resource for reuniting old crew members, as well as enlighten on the ships history.
    58. USS Ozbourn (DD-846)- information for former crew members.
    59. USS Radford (DD-968) - "The World's Finest Strike Destroyer"
    60. USS Rainier (AE-5) - history and reminiscences of this ammunition ship.
    61. USS Ranger (CV-61)
    62. USS Ray (SSN-653) - photo album updated often, crew member listing.
    63. USS Reeves (CG-24)
    64. USS Rich (DDE/DD 820) - Gearing class destroyer, specs, photos, history, ship's company roster, departed shipmate list, reunion info.
    65. USS Rocky Mount (AGC-3)
    66. USS Savannah (CL-42) - brief history of the only US armed warship in WWII hit by a German secret weapon, the Fritz-X.
    67. USS The Sullivans (DDG-68) - named for the five Sullivan brothers that died aboard USS Juneau during WWII.
    68. USS Tabberer (DE-418) - destroyer escort, launched on February 18th, 1944.
    69. USS Tunny (SSN 682)
    70. USS Underhill (DE-682) - sunk July 1945.
    71. USS Virginia (CGN-38) - decommissioned nuclear cruiser; crew locator, virtual tour, ship's history, and more.
    72. USS Waldron (DD-699) - Allen M. Sumner class destroyer. History, specifications, and military reunion information.
    73. USS Washington (BB-56) - history, facts, diagrams, historic photos of this World War II battleship. Includes battle report of the "Third Battle of Savo Island" (Guadalcanal).
    74. USS William R. Rush (DD-714)
    75. USS Yorktown (CG-48) - unoffical information about the whereabouts and crew with a picture of the ship.

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