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Looking for former shipmates or just anyone who might have relations to the USNavy?

Frank Fairchild-   US Navy 1917-?

The subject, is my father and I am looking for help in finding anyone who can
give me information regarding my heritage. What I know of my Dad is the
My Grandfather Frank Fairchild went to the Phillippines in 1898 or 1899 as an
engineer in the Army and he was from Michigan. He met my Grandmother Rosario
Miciano I beleive in Manila married and my Dad was born in 1900. He joined
the Navy @ Cavite Naval Base in 1917 and was discharged in Philadelphia
Pennsylvania USA in 1926. would appreciate acknowlegement of this e-mail
Louis J. Fairchild-  From:

ubject:         Friends in the US Navy
   Date:         Fri, 11 Jun 1999 14:14:24 +0800
   From:         Romeo Ballesteros <>

Just need to get intouch with my friends (former High School Classmates)
following are:
    Jericho Timog
    Mariano Ayonon
If they have e-mails I need to know.
Thanks.     Romy Ballesteros

Annie Babarin<>, Filipina now residing in Germany is looking for her former classmate friend, Bernadette Almodiel Morrow whose last address was in Groton, Connecticut 96-97. Homecoming event for the Annie Babarin,

I am also like to get in touch with:

C.W.O. Apolinario (Bobby) Concepcion, USN(Ret) retired in SanDeigo.
Chief (ICCS Bartolo) possibly in California(ex LtJg, USN)
Storekeeper Tarciso Manuguid..Washington State.
And all the Filipinos in the Submarine SErvice (SS)

Please E-mail me at:  DNTG66@PRODIGY.COM
      325 PALISADES AVE,
      JERSEY, CITY, NJ 07302