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From the archives of the Filipino American Experience Research Project, Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University comes this piece of history that identifies the "GRAND OLD FILIPINO" of the U.S. Navy.

The Filipino Student Bulletin, March 1906 (Washington, D.C.)

 "We received a subscription from a Filipino living in New Orleans, and as we did not know there were any Filipinos in the southern part of this country, we were very much surprised, and wrote to him, asking that he send us some details concerning himself and any other Filipinos that there might be in his neighborhood. The Filipino whom we addressed was Mr. Eulogio Yatar, and he sent us some most astonishing news; in fact, we feel almost as the ethnologist does who discovers a new race of people, for we find

that there is a colony of 2,000 Filipinos in that Queen City of the South.

This community has been established for about a hundred years, the first one who landed there being a Bikol by the name of Augustin Feliciano, who later served in the American navy in the war of 1812. ... Other Filipino seamen came, and finding the surroundings agreeable, remained there, and built up this large community. Although the greater part of these Louisiana Filipinos were born in this country, yet many of them are natives of the is-lands, and nearly all Visayans. They speak Tagalog and Spanish, as well as English."


The subject, is my father and I am looking for help in finding anyone who can
give me information regarding my heritage. What I know of my Dad is the
My Grandfather Frank Fairchild went to the Phillippines in 1898 or 1899 as an
engineer in the Army and he was from Michigan. He met my Grandmother Rosario
Miciano I beleive in Manila married and my Dad was born in 1900. He joined
the Navy @ Cavite Naval Base in 1917 and was discharged in Philadelphia
Pennsylvania USA in 1926. would appreciate acknowlegement of this e-mail
Louis J. Fairchild-  From: