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From the desk of LCdr Henry Castillo, USN, BUPERS

The son of a 30-year retired RMCS.

web site (<> 

"see complete Q1 FY 00 demographics" link.That is a 16 page

demographics report (PDF file) that does break out Filipinos. 

One of the most interesting number he gave me..

Filipino-Americans were the largest non-White group of Master Chiefs. There are 277 Fil-am Master Chiefs(E-9) This is an amazing 8.88 percent of the total 3,132 MasterChiefs in the US Navy.There are 14,117 enlisted men in the Navy (4.35% of the total)

The Navy has one half of all Asians in DOD (just in our one service).

CAPT Tem Bugarin was the first Filipino to command a surface combatant ship.He retired in 1998 in San Diego.Not sure what he is doing now.

CAPT Ike Puzon also recently retired as the senior Filipino line officer (CAPT Corpus replaced him in that title).I believe he is still in DC somewhere working for the senator from Georgia.

Note that there is a Filipino class in the US Navy demographics/composite.

 Navy Minority Affairs

 Navy Composite Stat FY2000 (partial table if you dont have PDF)