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Gregory B Bambo Jr.

Self Description:  Enlisted in the Navy and transitioned from Steward-Electronics Technician-NAVCAD-Officer. Designated Naval Aviator in 1957. Assigned: ASW Officer in VS-37, Flight Instructor in VS-41, Senior Watch Officer Underway & In-Port & Navigator-USS Midway, Ops Officer in VAH-10, Commanding Officer of VAQ-308. Flew S2F, C1A, F9F, A3D and accumulated 832 carrier landings. Retired from Navy in 1975 and for a second time from Delta Air Lines in 1995.


USS Midway - CV 41

From: 1963

To: 1965

VAH-10 : Heavy Attack Squadron 10

From: 1965

To: 1968

VAQ-308/VAK-308 : Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron 308

From: 1970

To: 1973

VS-37 : Antisubmarine Squadron 37

From: 1957

To: 1961

VS-41 : Antisubmarine Squadron 41

From: 1961

To: 1963



Service Record:

Current Military Status:  Retired Military (15+ yrs service)

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